Contamines Montjoie France
French alps ski town of Contamines Montjoie; photo credit: Patrick Nouhailler

Coronavirus Spreads to French Ski Chalet

Think coronavirus is only an issue in China? Think again.

Recently, news outlets have reported plenty of virus outbreaks in concentrated places like airports and cruise ships. But now the virus is hitting unsuspecting travelers at ski areas as well.

A ski chalet in the alpine region of Haute-Savoie, France, reported five confirmed cases and six more quarantined for coronavirus (now known as COVID-19) after the skiers came in contact with a man who recently returned from Singapore.

The other individuals quarantined are from multiple countries across Europe: France, Switzerland, England, and more.

The infected British businessman who visited the chalet, known as the “superspreader,” is the U.K.’s third confirmed case. The French health ministry is treating and holding the individuals at a hospital until there is no further threat.

The individuals at the ski chalet included families and children. A 9-year-old boy confirmed with the virus came in contact with children at two local schools. The fact that one person could spread the virus to over 11 people in four countries is just another reminder to be vigilant, wherever you’re traveling.

Mary Murphy

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