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Doggo Bouncy House Looks Cozy, but Will Spot Just Eat It?

This inflatable kennel launched a debate in our editorial department — can anything that holds air stand up to a pooch's committed gnawing?
a husky in an inflatable kennelInflatable and packable? Yes. Chew-proof? As of this writing, untested by GearJunkie; (photo/Diggs)
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Traveling with a plastic hard-sided or collapsible metal dog crate is no fun. Diggs, a “design-forward” dog crate company, decided to do something about it. Enter the Enventur — an inflatable travel kennel created for people and pets on the move.

The Enventur folds up into a package roughly the size of a large duffel and includes a shoulder strap for carrying. There are also side handles for moving the Enventur around while it’s inflated. Speaking of, the Diggs Eventur can inflate using a variety of pump styles.

The large Enventur deflated and folded for travel; (photo/Diggs)

If the prevalence of the word “inflatable” in this story so far gives you pause, you aren’t alone. We’ve got our share of dogs among the GearJunkie ranks, and opinions on the soft shelter’s survivability varied.

Several editors opined that their canine friends could and would make short work of anything not made of titanium. Others figured their perhaps more inquisitive pups would give it the once-over, do a doughnut or two, and then curl up happily inside.

As one of approximately three cat people on earth who works in outdoor media, I can’t weigh in. (I do spend a lot of time trying to keep my cat from clawing up my sleeping bags, though.)

a small dog stands atop an inflatable kennel
This Very Good Boy would never chew through a $400 inflatable kennel. Right? Right?! (photo/Diggs)
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Diggs Eventur Details

For what it’s worth, the Enventur is made of drop-stitched “phthalate-free PVC materials.” That’s the same stuff inflatable paddleboards are made of. The Enventur’s marketing materials also include a video of a man hitting one with an axe, with apparently no ill effect.

So the Enventur’s destructibility likely depends upon the type of canine you have, how powerful their doggo jaws are, and what percentage of their personality is pure thrash. In any case, enough people are excited about the product to have fully funded its $25,000 Kickstarter campaign in 30 minutes.

You can purchase an Enventure for an MSRP of $475. Diggs also sells accessories, like a manual pump and tie-downs, so your doggy kennel won’t blow away. Head on over to the Diggs website to check it out.

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