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Emerging Gear: Shapeshifting Bike, Dog-Powered Scooter, Unbreakable Phone

A peek at emerging products from the sometimes cutting-edge, sometimes quirky world of gear design.

dog powered scooter
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A peek at emerging products from the sometimes cutting-edge, sometimes quirky world of gear design. Explore the grid below or click through for a slideshow.

Abel Spyderco Fish Knives

spyderco brown trout

Fly fishing company Abel teams up with knife-maker Spyderco to release some beautiful knives. And it’s not just looks with this fishy knife, dubbed the Abel + Spyderco Native 5. Both companies had a large part in the design. The handle is fully machined and was designed with Abel for enhanced grip security and hand positioning. Spyderco handled the blade details and placed a corrosion-resistant stainless LC200N steel for edge. But the collab doesn’t come cheap. One of these knives costs $495.

2019 Canyon Strive

canyon strive shapeshifter

Canyon debuts its most innovative enduro bike yet with the Strive, a bike that lets you adjust the geometry on the go. With “pedal” and “shred” modes, riders can flick a handlebar-mounted switch and a gas-powered spring to change the bike’s feel. Canyon claims this year’s Shapeshifter system has been visually and functionally improved, but as of now, details are slim. In downhill mode, the Strive has 150 mm of travel; in cross-country mode, the bike has 135 mm of travel and a 1.5-degree increase in steering angle and seat angle. The 2019 Strive launched today for $3,400 to $8,000. We will update the post as more information becomes known.

Dog-Powered Fat Tire Scooter

dog powered scooter

If you have dogs that like to pull, check out the Dog Powered Scooter. Launched this year, the brand introduced a fat bike model, which has two oversized tires on a large scooter platform with space to hook in dogs. Bring it to a snowy trail and let the dogs loose! This model is built optimally for two dogs but can accommodate three as well. The scooter costs $1,095, with harness systems costing $235 each.

DOOGEE: Unbreakable Phone

doogee unbreakable phone

Rugged is one thing, durable another. But to call something unbreakable is downright bold. That’s the claim from DOOGEE’s new S90 smartphone. With a combination of metal and polycarbonate construction, the S90 is made to handle extreme temperatures, drops, shocks, humidity, mold, salt spray corrosion, explosive gas, vibration, and more. And the cherry on the top of its durable claims is its low price. The S90 is available for $400 on discount.

Wideboyz Crack-Climbing Volumes

wideboyz crack climbing volumes

Crack-climbing experts Pete Whittaker and Tom Randall introduce their very own branded climbing volumes. These gym-climbing holds are made with wooden boxes and “soft grip technology” to save your hands. According to the duo, the volumes are grippy for jamming but don’t rough up your hands that much. The volumes you can buy currently are hand-, thin hand-, and fist-sized cracks. But knowing the Wideboyz, we picture these volumes in much larger sizes. The volumes are available now for around $283.

Gerber Magnipliers

gerber magnipliers

Gerber upgrades boring old fishing pliers with the Magnipliers. They lessen hand fatigue as well as optimize grip and line of sight down the fish’s mouth. The Magnipliers don’t use a rubber mold over the grips, so they don’t degrade over time. And the pliers engage further back in the fist shape, which gives users more squeeze power and control. The nose of the pliers is canted downward so you can see what you’re doing down the fish’s mouth. The Magnipliers are pliers redefined and cost $74.


saxx volt

SAXX targets athletes with its latest line of undies, Volt. With breathable and lightweight mesh construction, flat seams, and an antiroll waistband, these undies are made to move in. And like all SAXX, your friends down under are held secure with its BallPark Pouch. We’ve been wearing them for a few months now and the Volt line of SAXX features the brand’s boldest prints yet. How does tropical coral sound? The Volt is available now for $33.

NEMO 'Switchback' Sleeping Pad

nemo switchback

NEMO Equipment enters the closed-cell foam sleeping pad category with the Switchback. An ultralight option that you don’t have to inflate, the Switchback folds up to look similar to Therm-a-Rest’s classic Ridgerest. According to NEMO, the switchback has an industry-leading packed size yet delivers more thickness and plush comfort thanks to its hexagonal nodes. The 14.5-ounce sleeping pad is available now for $50.

HB-V70: Open Ear Control Headphones

Open Ear control headphones

Noise-canceling headphones are old news; headphones that let noise in are here. The HB-V70 are over-ear headphones designed by DJ Direct. These headphones are made to wear for all aspects of life. If you find yourself in traffic or outside, outside noise comes in with the push of a button. But if you want to crank out some work, the HB-V70 are noise-canceling as well. Learn more about the innovative headphones with Open Ear Control on Kickstarter. A pair costs $159 on discount.

Ready-to-Drink Huel

huel rtd

Sip a meal’s worth of nutrients from Huel’s latest product, RTD. The Berry and Vanilla meal alternative drinks offer sustenance in seconds. Just shake up the bottle and drink — hence the Ready-to-Drink moniker. According to the brand, Huel contains 27 essential vitamins and minerals, plus more micronutrients on top of that. Each bottle is vegan, and the price breakdown is $3.71 per bottle when bought in bulk.

iPhone XR Smart Battery Case

iphone xr smart battery case

At the cosmetic cost of a small bump in the back of the case, the iPhone XR Smart Battery Case can extend your phone’s life to 39 hours. That’s a lot of calls! Specifically, the battery case can increase talk time to 39 hours, internet use to 22 hours, and video playback to 27 hours. It’s designed specifically for the iPhone XR and has a soft microfiber lining inside to protect the phone. This Smart Battery Case is available now in black and white for $129.

Lazer Bullet 2.0

lazer bullet 2.0

Lazer maximizes core features of a helmet, namely ventilation and aerodynamics, with the Bullet 2.0. An upgrade to the original Bullet, the Bullet 2.0 is more than twice as aerodynamic and ventilating. With the use of an Airslider, cyclists can flip a switch to cool their noggins. Then, close the vents to limit drag when bombing at max speed. The Bullet 2.0 also comes with a magnetic lens system for optimum road clarity built into the helmet. Of course, the lens can be docked on and off. The Lazer 2.0 launched on January 16 and is just starting to pop into retailers.

Back Pedal

back pedal

The Back Pedal offers those rife with back pain an alternative to realign, strengthen, and stabilize the back and pelvis. Through clinical research, doctors helped design the Back Pedal. It works by using your legs to push and pull in opposite directions. This co-contracts isometric pull and rotates your pelvis. That motion brings your pelvis back into normal position, realigns your spine, and strengthens muscles in the area. The Back Pedal is on Kickstarter now for $41 now.



Shed some light on the world for years to come with the Xtorch, a multifunctional flashlight. The Xtorch can charge devices via USB and has a solar panel as well as a front-facing lantern and larger flashlight. And it’s made to last. The Xtorch can last from seven to 10 years and holds battery capacity for up to three years without charging, according to the brand. This model specifically launched recently and is a major upgrade to previous iterations, boasting twice the battery capacity at 3,000 LIFP and four times the brightness at 160 lumens. The Xtorch is available now for $60.

Crafted Energy Bars

crafted energy bars

Cycling, climbing, and running require different nutrition. Crafted Energy recognized this in its line of sport-specific energy bars. Each bar contains different ingredients for different energy release. The cycling bars are intended for aerobic activity and include natural pain relievers, anti-inflammation, and vasodilators for circulation. The climbing bars are intended for anaerobic activity, include ingredients to fight joint fatigue, and provide slow-burning energy. The brand just launched its runner and cyclist bars, with 12 bars available for $30.

Flexx Mountain Bike Handlebars

flexx mountain bike handlebars

Ride with less hand fatigue thanks to Flexx Enduro Handlebars. These bars are made with specially placed rebound elastomers that reduce small bumps, chatter, and chop and are too small for your fork to absorb. And you don’t have to steer through the flex, so turning isn’t affected. The rider testimonials are pretty astounding. One rider rode a 350-mile race without any hand fatigue. The Flexx Enduro costs $425 and is available now.

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