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Emerging Gear: Bose Sunglasses, Phone Pen, Glossy Scooter

A peek at emerging products from the sometimes cutting-edge, sometimes quirky world of gear design.

Emerging Gear
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A peek at emerging products from the sometimes cutting-edge, sometimes quirky world of gear design. Explore the grid below or click through for a slideshow.

Monkeycycle Modular Bike


Change the Monkeycycle from a stroller one month to a trike the next, and eventually a pedal bike. This modular transportation vehicle configures into eight different rides, intended to “grow” with your child. In all, the Monkeycycle can transform into a stroller, pedal bike, trike, tadpole, quad, and low- and high-balance bikes. Switching around some parts, according to the brand, takes less than 10 minutes. The Monkeycycle is available on Kickstarter now for $349.

Unagi Electric Scooter

Unagi Scooter

Meet the Rolls Royce of Scooters: the Unagi. With a minimal design and “automotive”-quality paint job (three rustproof, abrasion-resistant layers), the Unagi might be the classiest electric scooter out there. Beyond looks, this e-scooter has 250- and 450-watt motor options, “never flat” tires, LED lighting, and carbon fiber tubes. This glossy scooter is on Kickstarter now for $623 Early Bird.


Grayel Geopress Filter

Drink safe water from any source in just eight seconds with the GRAYL GEOPRESS purifier. A 24-ounce water bottle and purifier in one, the GEOPRESS plunges water through a filter for fast purification. The filter is rated to remove viruses, bacteria, protozoa, and microplastics. It functions with positively charged ions and activated carbon within nonwoven ceramic media fibers to get rid of the nasties. The GRAYL GEOPRESS is available on Kickstarter now for $85 Early Bird.

Bose Frames

Bose Frames

Jam out to Mariah Carey with … sunglasses? This week, Bose launches audio sunglasses with Bose Frames. The black Rondo and Alto models position speakers on the arms of the frames to send tunes toward your ears. The frames also have a microphone and Bluetooth, enabling you to make calls. Bose Frames are available now for $200.

Amtrak Recycled Leather Bags

PUP amtrak leather bag

Take the warm, comfortable feeling of your favorite public train seat with you using Amtrak’s collection of upcycled bags. The rail transit company teamed up with nonprofit People for Urban Progress to upcycle 6,080 leather seat covers from Acela Express train cars into a backpack, duffel, tote, and dopp kit. The goods range from $75 to $435. We won’t know what these specific seats have seen, or felt, but they each come with their own blemishes — from holes to inconsistencies and even stains.

YSMART Flashlight

The YSMART flashlight is tiny, bright, and magnetic. This super-small flashlight has a 3535 SMD LED light with 80 lumens that lasts for 50,000 hours. It’s smaller than a AA battery and comes in aluminum and titanium models. It’s on Indiegogo for about $15 (where you can also watch it get run over by a car!).

Zanco Phone Pen

Pen Phone

Call it the future or a blast from the past, the Zanco S-Pen is a pen phone that hit its goal on Kickstarter, raising more than $28,000! It looks like an overbuilt stylus with a number pad but actually boasts a ton of function. The Zanco works as a phone, stylus, laser pointer, voice recorder, radio, remote capture device, and photo and video cameras. It has basically the same functions that smartphones do, but in stylus form.

Beyond Coastal Sunscreen Subscription

beyond coastal subscription

New sunscreen delivered monthly: That’s the premise of Beyond Coastal’s new subscription program. Select the type of sunscreen, quantity, and frequency on Beyond Coastal’s site to start receiving shipments. And if you’re new to Beyond Coastal, the brand crafts low-hazard sunscreens that are oxybenzone-free with antioxident-rich ingredients like aloe vera, yerba mate, larch tree, rose hip, and shea butter.

Vessi Waterproof Shoes

Vessi Waterproof Shoes

Vessi expands upon its waterproof-breathable knit shoe line with two new models: the Everyday and Skyline. Launched last year, Vessi brought waterproof tech into a knit shoe that repels water in a comfortable silhouette. Now, the new models expand how you can wear Vessi, with a laceless model (Skyline) and lace-up (Everyday) shoe. And if you get this shoe dirty, just hose it off for a brand-new-looking shoe. The Vessi shoes are available on Kickstarter now for $109 per pair.

Flip-Fold Wallet

Flip Fold Wallet

Flip the Flip-Fold Wallet to reach your cash and cards. On Kickstarter now, the Flip-Fold provides a novel way to access your everyday items. Made of leather, the Flip-Fold has specially placed bends for a unique wallet experience. The Flip-Fold costs $35.

AAC Meier Skis

AAC Skis

Out of Denver, Meier Skis manufactures skis from aspen trees. New for the 2018-2019 ski season is the American Alpine Club Custom Ski, which features graphics designed by artist Noelle Phares. A portion of each ski purchase will go to the AAC. Available now for $750.

Ombre OtterBox Tumbler

Otterbox Ombre Tumbler

Get faded tropical colors on your OtterBox with the new Ombre color schemes on the Elevation 20 Tumbler. OtterBox adds a new color to its insulated drinking vessel, which is made with stainless steel and has a copper lining. Additionally, the tumblers are compatible with drink shaker, French press, tea infuser, and thermal lids. The OtterBox Elevation 20 is available now for $30.


Casio Pro Trek

Casio’s newest member to its PRO TREK family is the WSD-F30, with improvements to wearability and display. This rugged smartwatch touts offline usage of color maps and GPS for up to three days, an organic “EL” display for fine detail, and a smaller, thinner case to improve the wrist feel. The WSD-F30 launches on January 18, 2019, for $549.

Adidas Power Air Fleece

Adidas Power Air

Adidas launched the Power Air Fleece Jacket, made with insulation designed to minimize shedding. Open insulations have the perks of warmth and superior air permeability yet are susceptible to shedding. Polartec solved this issue with Power Air fabric technology, which the brand claims sheds five times less than other premium midweight fabrics. While we have yet to vet the tech, one thing is for certain: The Power Air Fleece jacket does not look like an average fleece. The $180 jacket is available now.

Topo Camp Towels

TOPO camp towels

Lounge at the beach with maps inspired by iconic North American destinations like Big Sur, the Grand Canyon, and Mount Hood. Camp Towels makes packable microfiber towels that dry quick and sport cool designs. The latest batch is inspired by topographic maps of iconic destinations. Check out these top-down towels for $35 a pop here.

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