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Emerging Gear: Outdoor Products This Week

From next-gen tech to ingenious innovation, our weekly peek at emerging products examines the sometimes cutting-edge, sometimes quirky world of gear design.

Basecamp tailgate
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A peek at emerging products from the sometimes cutting-edge, sometimes quirky world of gear design.

Tailgate Living Room

Basecamp tailgate

Fold down your tailgate, have a seat, and crack open a beer all from your truck with the Basecamp. Dubbed a modular tailgate system, the Basecamp attaches to your truck’s tailgate and provides seating and a cooler. And it has straps to tighten down long items with the tailgate up. Basecamp is on Kickstarter now for $150.

Thermosensitive Dyneema Jacket

stone island Dyneema leather ice jacket

The Ice Jacket from Stone Island is thermosensitive, uses Dyneema-bonded leather, and costs $4,133. That means this jacket changes color depending on the temperature, is crazy durable thanks to the Dyneema, and is super, super expensive. Stone Island collaborated with Ecco Leather and the Dyneema project to make the Ice Jacket. Check it out here.

Flat-Laying Hammock

Nionox Lay Flat Hammock

Lay flat when hammocking in the Ninox. Hammock company Sierra Madre Research crafted a wave-shaped hammock fabric that naturally creates space for your head and feet. This means whether you sleep on your back, side, or stomach, the Ninox stays flat. Ninox is on Kickstarter now for $159.

Spider Silk Jacket

Goldwin Spider Silk

Spider silk has been hailed as an ultra-strong, environmentally friendly miracle fiber. But it has yet to enter the mainstream largely because of engineering challenges. Enter the Goldwin Ski Jacket Prototype, one of the most advanced spider silk prototype offerings. Goldwin teamed up with Spiber Inc. to use a proprietary synthetic spider silk produced from microbial fermentation and spinning. While it’s only a prototype, the Ski jacket has us excited. Are your spidey senses tingling yet? Learn more about the Goldwin jacket here.

Universal Bike Mount

mule water bottle holder

Attach a water bottle, Bluetooth speaker, rain shell, your lunch, or whatever to the Mule. A new take on bike mounting systems, the Mule replaces traditional water bottle cages with a universal mount of stretchy straps. It’s a simple variation on a classic piece of cycling gear. Check it out on Kickstarter for $39 here.

Ultralight Rain Jacket

Mission Workshop Sans

Protect yourself from rain with a jacket that weighs practically nothing. Mission Workshop’s Sans Microlight Rain Jacket weighs 5.6 ounces and has a waterproof-breathable rating of 30,000/30,000. The brand worked with Japanese fabric company Toray for an exclusive three-layer waterproof-breathable fabric. Mission Workshop claims the Sans still feels a normal jacket, not an ultralight emergency shell. You can find the Sans here for $475.

Instant Chai Tea

Cusa Tea Chai

Backpack with Cusa Chai Tea for nearly instant flavorful tea away from home. Cusa Tea cold-steeps organic tea leaves in its product for eight hours, which results in an instant tea product that tastes notably different than other instant teas. The Spicy Chai flavor has cinnamon, cardamom, clove, black pepper, and ginger. It’s delicious. We imagine Cusa Chai would work well for camp mornings or backpacking trips.

Wool Running Shoe

wool cross x

Hit the trails or the gym in the Wool Cross X multisport shoes. Giesswein made the shoes with a 100 percent merino wool liner for breathability, anti-odor, and comfort. And judging by the looks, the Wool Cross X appears to be a versatile shoe, with lugged tread for trails and a cushion designed for stability. Check out the Wool Cross X on Kickstarter for $151.

Reusable Sandwich Bags

Bees Wrap Lunch Pack Holding Food

Bee’s Wrap teamed up with National Geographic for a special release of the brand’s food wraps in a monarch butterfly print. National Geographic launched its “Planet or Plastic?” campaign to raise awareness of the global plastic pollution crisis. Bee’s Wraps are a great food storage alternative to plastic bags that use the heat of your hands to form a seal. If they get dirty, just wash the wraps off in cold water. Monarch Print Bee’s Wraps are available now for $21.

Smartwool Wading Socks

smartwool wading socks

Reel in your next lunker while wearing Smartwool’s latest wool socks made for wading. The PhD Pro Wading Socks are designed to combat pressure when wading in deep water so your feet stay warm and comfortable. The socks incorporate Indestructawool tech for durability and ventilation channels to keep your feet from sweating too much. Find a pair on Smartwool’s site for $35.

Rapha Cyclocross

rapha cyclocross

Rapha’s cyclocross collection incorporates protective shoulder pads into its jerseys for carrying bikes. And in typical Rapha fashion, the Cross Collection sports stylish graphics. The collection includes long- and short-sleeve jerseys made of merino-blend fabric, hats, socks, and a scarf. Learn more about the Cross Collection here.

Turbo Levo E-Bike

Specialized Turbo Levo e-Bike

Specialized put a more powerful motor in its new Turbo Levo e-bike. Available now, the Turbo Levo increases its range from last year’s model by 40 percent thanks to its class-leading 700Wh battery. Specialized calls it one of the lightest and most capable full-suspension e-bikes out there. See for yourself on Specialized’s site, where the Turbo Levo retails for $4,950 and up.

Rugged Wool Blanket

Faribault woolen mills

The Foot Soldier Military Defender Blanket is Faribault Woolen Mill’s rugged option. The plaid wool blanket sports a durable New Zealand wool that fits in at the campsite and home. Faribault released a number of new products as part of its fall collection — the largest release from the brand since 2011. Check out the Defender Blanket and the rest of Faribault Woolen Mill’s new products here.

Circular Bike Computer


Attach the CatEye Quick to your bike’s handlebars to view speed, distance, moving time, and the current time. CatEye’s latest bike computer is a minimal LCD option that attaches and detaches from your handlebars. It starts and stops automatically and has an odometer and a flat, circular design. The Quick is available now and costs $65.

Full-Face MIPS Helmet

sweet protection arbitrator mips

Protect your noggin with MIPS and EPS foam whether you’re riding downhill or trail in the Sweet Protection Arbitrator MIPS helmet. From Sweet Protection, this full-face helmet sports a removable chin bar that converts the helmet to function for easier-going trail rides and intense downhill. And it has MIPS, so the helmet reduces rotational forces transferred to the brain. The Arbitrator MIPS releases in spring 2019 for $299.

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