rider wearing the black Giro Latch MTB shoe and straddling an orange Juliana mountain bike

Giro Plays With ‘Mute Foam,’ Releases Latch Flat-Pedal MTB Shoe

Low bounce, less rebound. Giro’s latest, and maybe lightest, flat-pedal mountain bike shoe just dropped today.

Today, Giro Sport Design announced the release of its Latch, a new all-mountain flat-pedal shoe. What makes this shoe big for Giro (and big in the flat-pedal shoe market) is the new Mute Foam midsole technology coupled with a Tack Rubber outsole compound. The brand says these two components work together “to greatly increase foot-to-pedal contact and grip.”

So what’s up with this Mute Foam? Just like a bike suspension’s job is to keep wheels in contact with the ground, Mute Foam performs a similar function between the foot and the pedal.

Mute Foam’s “slow rebound characteristics are in contrast to typical EVA foam, and provide a balance between structure and damping properties, ultimately serving to reduce bounce upon landing,” Giro explained.

Giro Flat-Pedal Latch MTB Shoe

closeup of the Giro latch shoe on a mountain biker's foot

Here are a few specs on the Giro Latch Shoe:

  • Upper: Microfiber mono-upper
  • Midsole: Injection-molded rebound-reducing Mute Foam
  • Outsole: Elastic rubber (Giro’s patent-pending Tack Rubber)
  • Features: Tread lugs, reinforced toe, quick-drying hydrophobic structural inners
  • Weight: 300-340 g
  • Price: $150

giro latch dirt shoe profile

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Be sure to check out the teaser video below: all the hype, all the dirt, all the fun — none of the chatter.

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