Icy trail Grand Canyon

Terrifying Photo Shows Hikers Sliding Down Icy Grand Canyon Trail

The National Park Service tweeted one of the scariest images we’ve ever seen.

Public service announcement: If it looks and feels stupid, odds are … it’s stupid. And that’s exactly the case in a photo the Grand Canyon National Park Service posted this week of two “hikers” precariously inching their way down an ice-covered switchback along the canyon.

It’s worth reminding everyone that the Grand Canyon can be an extremely dangerous place — even on perfect, warm, sunny days. So it should go without saying that traversing the trails when they’re covered in ice should only be attempted with proper gear and preparation. And the NPS said as much in its tweet:

And for the record, tennis shoes, athletic shorts, and a bucket hat definitely do not qualify as proper gear. But good spikes do!

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