man seated and fishing from the hobie mirage kayak
Photo credit: Steve Mo/ Hobie

Hobie Boosts Offerings, Moves Into Inflatable Kayak, SUP Market

In 1950, founder Hobie Alter created his first surfboard. It’s now 2021, and the brand has come a long way.

Hobie just announced the launch of its Mirage iTrek Series, a collection of inflatable kayaks (and one pretty unique inflatable standup pedalboard).

hobie inflatable kayak series
Photo credit: Steve Mo/ Hobie

The new series consists of five models: the Fiesta (a multi-person kayak; i.e., party boat), the iEclipse (a standup pedalboard), the Mirage iTrek 9 (an ultralight kayak), the Mirage iTrek 11 (a standard kayak), and the Mirage iTrek 14 Duo (a classic tandem).

“The new Mirage iTrek series is once again a result of Hobie’s DNA of innovation,” said Hobie CEO Doug Skidmore. “We’re also thrilled to add an inflatable to our unrivaled Mirage Eclipse pedalboard line, allowing water lovers to explore in all-new ways with Hobie.”

Inflatable Hobie Kayaks: Highlights

The Fiesta is “unlike anything you’ve seen,” Hobie describes. It’s a massive inflatable multiperson party pedal kayak. It has seats for four people, plus room in the weight limit for a few coolers or your furry friends.

hobie fiesta inflatable 4 person kayak
The Hobie Fiesta

On the opposite end of Hobie’s newest boats is the Mirage iTrek 9 Ultralight. This ultralight inflatable weighs in at just 20 pounds (compared to the average inflatable SUP weighing in at 22-28 pounds). It packs down to the size of a checked bag for ease when traveling and doubles as a pedal kayak or SUP. Simply remove the seat and pedals and grab the included paddle for standup paddle mode.

It’s worth noting there are already a couple of dual SUP/kayaks like this on market, but still only a few. And this is a big first for Hobie.

For a long time now, Hobie has made surfboards, catamarans, and traditional kayaks. But in 2000, Hobie introduced its first tandem, then in 2005, its first SUP, broadening its reach into an even wider watersports market.

The brand’s latest products are an amalgamation of Hobie’s original products all the way up to its newest technology. Its ultimate vision is getting everyone out on the water.

The full 2021 Hobie iTrek Series will be available in March 2021.

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