Jack Links Wild Side Retail store

Beef Jerky Store Opens In Minneapolis, First In US

Jack Link’s opened its first brick and mortar retail location in downtown Minneapolis. The ‘Wild Side’ store offers Sasquatch-themed merch, a $5,000 fur coat, and oh so much jerky.

Jack Links Wild Side Retail store

It’s 5:00 p.m. in downtown Minneapolis. Among the hum of workers bustling home, an unfamiliar presence lurks within the crowd. Some say they saw a gorilla, others a large, hairy person. But I’m no fool. I saw it with my own eyes—it was Sasquatch.

On November 15, beef jerky brand Jack Link’s and its wild mascot Sasquatch cut the ribbon on its first retail store, located in the Target Center of Minneapolis.

“It’s a place where fans new and old can get wrapped up in Jack Link’s untamed spirit,” CEO Troy Link said in a statement. Fans can “experience hands-on all the wild and wonderful elements our brand has to offer.”

Jack Links Wild Side Retail store

And the brand certainly waves its Sasquatch flag proudly. The store houses t-shirts, wooden bottle openers, pillows, beard hats, and buffs—all with a woodsy, Sasquatch theme.

The centerpiece of the store is the Sasschál, a luxury fur coat with a $5,000 price tag. Jack Link’s collaborated with design brand Idle Child to create a Sasquatch-looking coat.

Jack Links Wild Side Retail store
The Sasschál

Jack Link’s: Wild Side Retail Store, Innovation Lab

Jack Links Wild Side Retail storeAlong with the Wild Side store, Jack Link’s will open an Innovation Center in 2018. Just outside the retail location, people will be able to sample experimental jerkies and interact with the flavor creation process.

Both locations shorten the gap between the world’s biggest beef jerky brand and its consumers.

“This is the most direct way for us to react to trending tastes and new product forms in real time,” said chief marketing officer TD Dixon. It will “keep Jack Link’s bringing innovation to the category quicker than anyone else.”

For those looking to connect with the beef jerky brand, the Wild Side is open for business. We’ll be sure to keep a look-out for new jerky flavors and the ever-elusive Sasquatch.

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