Brian Metzler, author of the book 'Kicksology,' puts down some miles

Running Expert Explores History of Shoes in Newest Book

Running guru Brian Metzler just announced the release of his latest book, ‘Kicksology,’ which dives deep into the subject of running shoes.

As the cover relays, “Kicksology” is all about the hype, science, and culture of running shoes. Metzler covers topics like shoe manufacturing, injury prevention, and the latest running fads (think barefoot running and energy gels).

The book not only spans the sport’s history but also taps into trends in the complex $10 billion industry. But it’s more than just historical and industry insights.

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“Kicksology” also includes advice from some of the biggest names in running. Read trail tales from Kara Goucher, Scott Jurek, and Metzler himself, who has tested over 1,500 pairs of running shoes in his lifetime.

Metzler even uses this wealth of experience to give readers extra advice in the appendix, titled “Getting the most out of your running shoes.” (We like insightful tidbits such as “get the right size” and “heel drop matters.”)

“Kicksology” will release on October 15 and is available for preorder next week. But if you can’t wait that long, a juicy excerpt is available now online.

Overall, the book is an informative look into the world of running — past, present, and future — and should be a fun read no matter your pace.

Mary Murphy

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