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Mountain Biker Shot Dead by Hunter in French Alps

The French town of Montriond has temporarily banned all hunting as officials investigate the gunman on suspicion of aggravated manslaughter.

Marc Sutton was riding along a popular mountain bike track Saturday evening when he was shot and killed by a hunting party, Sky News reported.

French prosecutor Philippe Toccanier told reporters the 34-year-old restaurant owner was “wearing a colored helmet and riding a colored mountain bike” at the time. He went on to say Sutton “couldn’t be confused with game” as he passed through the woods near a hunting party.

The BBC reported a 22-year-old man, believed to be responsible, was taken to a local hospital for shock. Authorities are currently investigating the man, whose identity they didn’t release, for aggravated manslaughter, according to reports.

Following the incident, Montriond Mayor Georges Lagrange imposed a temporary ban on all hunting activities in the area following public outcry, according to the French paper Le Dauphiné Libéré.

“We simply need to ask for a security buffer around areas where there are people, the risk of lost or ricochet bullet may be prevented if a sufficient distance from the bullets that go the farther is respected,” wrote one supporter of the Facebook group “Changeons Le Decret Chasse De Montriond/morzine *this Can’t Happen Again,” which pushed for the ban.

Sutton was born in Wales but ran a restaurant just a few miles from where he was killed.

Adam Ruggiero

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