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Ortovox Recalls 3+ Avalanche Transceivers

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Ortovox issued a recall that could affect all 3+ avalanche transceivers made by the brand. If you own an Ortovox 3+, check it now!

Ortovox 3+ recall

Ortovox issued the “precautionary” recall today after feedback revealed that temporary disruption of the transmission function was possible.

The brand said it happened in only rare situations and that no users reported injuries or accidents. Ortovox said the software glitch could lead to prolonged search and recovery times, a serious problem in avalanches because every second counts.

Owners should return all Ortovox 3+ models running software version 2.1, regardless of color, for a software upgrade.

Ortovox 3+ Recall: What to Do

If you own an Ortovox 3+, check it immediately. The recall only affects devices running software version 2.1.

According to the brand, follow the instructions below to check your transceiver.

Push the search/send switch to the send position. For this to work, the switch has to be pushed in. Now switch on your 3+. This information will be displayed consecutively:

  • 10-digit serial number
  • Display test screen
  • Remaining battery capacity

If software version 2.1 is displayed: YOUR DEVICE IS AFFECTED BY THE RECALL.

If 1.1, 2.0 or 2.2 is displayed: Your device is NOT affected.

If NO NUMBER is displayed, your device is running software version 1. This device is NOT affected.

Check out the video below for more details.

Ortovox will begin accepting transceivers for the recall on May 25, 2018. If you suspect your transceiver might be affected, visit the Ortovox recall page for more information.

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