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Poler Is Back: Retailer Will Relaunch With New Gear, Apparel

Poler floating tent
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The brand behind #campvibes will return with new investment, new leadership, and a new team. But, the brand told us, version 2.0 ‘will go back to its roots.’

You probably haven’t visited Poler’s website in some time. After all, in January this year, the brand announced the total liquidation of its assets in the wake of Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

But instead of the “404 Error” message you’d expect to find on a defunct website, visitors now receive something far more curious: “We’re turning the light back on. #POLERLIVES.”

That’s right, the brand that helped pull the outdoor gear industry into the Instagram limelight will return.

“Both ecomm and our flagship store will reopen the middle of December with never-before-seen gear,” Poler marketing consultant Kyle Maggy told GearJunkie. “But the biggest changes to gear and apparel will come in spring 2021, as we have already started designing the new Poler 2.0 gear.”

Poler neon sign

So what can we expect from this new-look Poler? Here’s what we know so far.

Poler Relaunch: New Look, Same Vibe

The brand hasn’t revealed any specific products just yet. But the website and a flagship Portland, Oregon, retail location will open for business next month. And when they do, the brand told us, “You can expect more quirky camping products like the Napsack in addition to new bags and apparel.”

Those “quirky camping products” harken to the original company’s more outlandish offerings, like a backpack that straps to a skateboard or the aforementioned Napsack — a sleeping bag with a hood and arm and leg holes.


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In a nutshell, the old Poler aimed to make the world of outdoor gear cooler, more relevant, and more accessible to a younger demographic. That meant heavy use of social media promotion and out-of-the-box product designs.

Poler Outdoor Stuff

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The new Poler, meanwhile, has the backing of Pacific & Everest Lifestyle Company and will re-emerge under the leadership of CEO Cape Capener. Capener has previously held executive roles in big outdoor and action sports brands like Reebok, adidas, and Supra.

While that type of leadership signals a more formal approach to retail business, fans of the old Poler may take heart. The brand said in a press release it will lean on its roots, what it called “fun, quirky, practical, disruptive, and adventurous.”

Stay tuned to the Poler site and Instagram for updates on the launch.

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