private 14er cielo vista ranch culebra peak sold 105m

Private 14er: Mountain Property Sold For $105 Million

A 14,000-foot Colorado mountain was just sold to the highest bidder.

private 14er cielo vista ranch culebra peak sold 105m

Towering 14,047 feet above the southern Colorado landscape, Culebra Peak is the highest peak in the world—to be privately owned.

At least that’s what real estate firm Mirr Ranch Group claims.

The 14er is part of the $105 million sale of the 83,368-acre Cielo Vista Ranch ranch, announced today. Few details of the buyer and the future of hiking Culebra were available following the sale. Previously, the peak was open to climbers for a fee, by reservation.

Sold: Culebra Peak, Cielo Vista Ranch

Culebra is part of a property that includes 18 peaks over 13,000 feet along 22 miles of the Sangre de Cristo Range ridgeline. It sits in San Luis, Colo., less than 20 miles from the New Mexico border.

The sale closes the listing, which went up in 2015. And, according to The Land Report editor Eric O’Keefe, it is “without question…the largest U.S. ranch sale” this year.

While Mirr Ranch Group didn’t release the identity of the new ranch owner, listing broker Jeff Hubbard said the buyer was “absolutely ideal.”

“He is one who is a true conservationist and is deeply committed to preserving this national treasure and extraordinary resource,” Hubbard went on in a statement. “He truly appreciates and embraces the responsibility of ensuring this property remains a reflection of our state’s beautiful landscapes, diverse wildlife, and heritage for decades to come.”

Previously, hikers could reserve a day to climb Culebra Peak, for a fee. listed the fee at $150, while a reporter for Fox31 in Denver claimed he paid $200. Cielo Vista’s climbing reservation site currently lists no available reservation days.

The 83,000 acres include three four-bedroom homes, a three-bedroom home, an office with two apartments and two bunkhouses, and a barn.

The land is home to thousands of elk, deer, and bighorn sheep, and more than 100 miles of fishable creeks.

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