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Tension Board 2 Gets the Spray-Down With New Layout

tension board 2The Tension Board 2 comes with system or spray hold layouts; (photo/Tension Climbing)
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The Tension Board is an excellent place to start whether you want powerful guns or a relentless grip. Now, the mirrored board folds in a spray wall layout.

Climbers looking to draw a bead on their weaknesses and develop both sides of their bodies equally have long looked to the adjustable, symmetric Tension Board as a training crucible. Today, its designers rolled out the Tension Board 2 (TB2) with a new arsenal system wall-style mirrored holds, plus a spray-wall layout for the first time.

The benefits of a spray wall are evident in the format’s densely clustered holds; a spray wall setting is the best way to pack the most varied movement into the smallest space.

But a system wall’s specific utility is more subtle. It’s often hard to tell whether one side of your body or the other displays a unique deficiency in terms of mobility, specific strength, or otherwise; a symmetric systems wall can bring out the answer — starkly.

Either of the two hold layouts can result in a lot of bang for any gym rat’s buck. And while you can’t configure the Tension Board 2 for both setups simultaneously, we’re unaware of another board that facilitates both with endemic hold sets.

tension board 2
System wall (left) and spray wall setups on the Tension Board 2; (photo/Tension Climbing)

Tension’s signature dual-textured and wood holds make up the new sets. Plenty of unique shapes are available. As always, LEDs indicate the way up (via an established problem or a new project). Also, like the first Tension Board, the TB2 wall angle adjusts widely to help you train for steeps or techy vert.

Finally, the TB2 comes in two new sizes. The original was available in standard 12×8 and “clipped” 10×8 for tight spaces. Aach hold layout on the TB2 fits both those sizes, plus a new 12×10 and huge 12×12 format.

“The TB2 is hands down the most versatile board on the market. The diversity of holds and layout options offers quality boulders of any style and any grade at any angle, as well as tremendous capacity for fun and complex movement,” said Maya Madere, U.S. National Team climber.

To get all plastic and wood holds for the TB2 for the smallest size 10×8 platform, you’ll pay $4,523 MSRP (hardware not included). Check it all out at Tension Climbing’s website.

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