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Offset Your ‘Netflix Footprint’: Tentree Unveils Carbon-Fighting Packages for Daily Life

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Pay $5 and offset almost 2 tons of the carbon dioxide produced by Netflix binging. Or offset your favorite Instagram influencer, your pet, or even your extra-long showers — this program lets you pick.

We all hear about big companies buying carbon offsets — airlines, manufacturers, and tech giants, for example. It just means paying for a service or process that will mitigate a certain amount of the carbon dioxide any action produces.

Starting this month, outdoor gear and apparel manufacturer tentree rolls out carbon offset packages for the everyday consumer.

Keeping in line with the brand’s commitment to plant trees for every product sold, each of these packages plants a certain number of trees that will offset the average CO2 generated from things like surfing the net, shipping packages, and more.

How to Offset Your Carbon Footprint

The idea behind the program, tentree says, is to expand the availability of carbon offsetting and make it more accessible for consumers. Plus, the brand claims that by proactively paying to offset daily habits, people can help become “Climate+” — removing more greenhouse gas from the atmosphere than they generate.

Currently, tentree offers 11 different offset packages. And they range in price from $5 for binging Netflix up to $155 to offset the average Instagram influencer’s world travels, hotel stays, phone use, and product shipping. All money goes to plant mangrove trees in Madagascar and Indonesia, acacia trees in Senegal, and avocado trees in Haiti.

According to the brand, a single mangrove tree can remove nearly 700 pounds of CO2 over its lifespan. And to ensure the trees are planted, tentree photographs and geotags planting sites. And it’s working to roll out new drone mapping to catalog planting sites and new growth.

Looking to pitch in for Earth Month? Check out tentree’s Climate+ offset packages. And throughout the year, check out new seasonal offset packages here.

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