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Trail Trap: CO Cyclist Hospitalized by Tripwire

Rock Island Trail ColoradoPhoto credit: Xnatedawgx
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An unknown perpetrator strung a taut cord across a Colorado bicycle trail that flipped two cyclists, seriously injuring one.

Nard Claar, a 69-year-old artist and gallery owner, can no longer paint, draw, or take photographs. In fact, according to the Colorado Springs Independent, he can’t even hold a cup.

That’s because last week, Claar and a friend, Zac Chapman, fell victim to a booby trap while riding bikes along the Rock Island Trail in Colorado Springs.

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“We were just cooking along, coming down a hill 17-18 miles per hour, and all of a sudden, I was dead stopped,” Claar told local news station KRDO. That’s where Claar’s memory goes blank.

Chapman, who was riding behind Claar, told authorities he caught a glimpse of a tripwire before they struck it. “I screamed Nard’s name and I hit my brakes and flew over the handlebars, and that’s when I saw Nard on the ground,” Chapman told the Independent.

Claar’s tires hit the low-strung wire, flipping his bike and flinging him over the bars. He lost consciousness and later woke up in Memorial Hospital. He learned from others who witnessed the accident that after the crash he’d been convulsing and breathing irregularly.

Tripwire Seriously Injures CO Cyclist

While Chapman escaped with some bruises, Claar sustained a laundry list of injuries. In addition to a concussion, Claar said he suffered three broken ribs, a broken clavicle, and a dislocated shoulder — and some cuts, bruises, and a sprained thumb.

The Independent also reported Claar’s impact “shattered” his helmet. Chapman also said he saw two boys “no older than 12” leave the scene after the incident, according to the Independent.

Police launched an investigation into the incident. Anyone with information should call the Colorado Springs Police Department at (719) 444-7000.

Doctors told Claar it will take months to recover from his injuries. Still, he counts himself lucky, considering.

“I mean I realize this could have killed me, I could be dead,” he told KRDO. “But I’m alive so it’s precious time, enjoy what you have and enjoy this kind of day.”

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