Firework photo
World's largest firework built in Steamboat Springs, Colorado; photo credit: Derek Maiolo/Steamboat Pilot News

Hottest Day in Antarctica, Largest Firework Ever: Adventure News of the Week

From the inspiring to the tragic, ‘Adventure News of the Week’ presents a wrap-up of top news in the world of exploration and adventure.

DEW TOUR: Snowboarder Scotty James Wins Men’s Snowboard Superpipe. Australian rider Scotty James won the Dew Tour men’s snowboard superpipe final competition with back-to-back 1260s and a final score of 95.33, the highest score in the Superpipe discipline this year.

Chinese rider Jiayu Liu won the women’s snowboard superpipe final. See the full results here.

WEATHER: Temp in Antarctica Reaches 65 Degrees for First Time Ever. This past week, Antarctica had the hottest weather on record with a temperature of 65 degrees Fahrenheit.

The record-hot temp indicates that warming is happening in Antarctica much faster than the global average. This comes alongside news of the warmest winter on record for the U.S. so far.

SURF: French Surfer Poeti Norac Dies at 24. Norac, a decorated surfing champ from France, died in Queensland, Australia, on February 7. The French Surfing Federation confirmed her death, which is still being investigated.

RECORD: World’s Largest Firework Set Off Successfully Despite Storm. The world’s largest single firework went off as planned yesterday at a winter festival in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

The firework measured 26 feet long and weighed more than a metric ton. Meet the gearheads and engineers behind the project here.

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