Students aboard the two-mast schooner "Wylde Swan"
Students aboard the Wylde Swan; photo credit: Masterskip

Students Forced to Sail Home, Quarantined Marathons: Adventure News of the Week

From the inspiring to the tragic, ‘Adventure News of the Week’ presents a wrap-up of top news in the world of exploration and adventure.

SAIL: Dutch Students Studying Aboard Boat Forced to Sail Home. Due to growing commercial travel restrictions, a group of students from the Netherlands was forced to sail home all the way from Cuba.

They had been in the Caribbean aboard the Wylde Swan, sailing and studying abroad. It took the students and teachers 5 weeks to complete the 4,350-mile voyage.

RACE: Germany Cancels Fall Berlin Marathon Due to Coronavirus. The prestigious Berlin Marathon just became one of the first fall events to be canceled due to COVID-19.

The race, scheduled for September 27, will not happen this year. Organizers also canceled the London Marathon (scheduled for October).

Race officials have also started to cancel ultramarathons in the fall, like the Squamish 50 in British Columbia. Read more here.

CYCLING: After Backlash, Dirty Kanza Race and the Kaw Nation Discuss Name and Community. After several people made misinformed statements online regarding the roots of the name of the Dirty Kanza Gravel Race in Kansas, organizers took action.

Jim Cummins, chief gravel officer, met with Lynn Williams, chairwoman of the Kaw Nation, to discuss the race organization’s intentions regarding the name, as well as values in the community. The Kaw Nation, Life Time Fitness, and the Dirty Kanza have all agreed that the race name will remain the same.

“Life Time and the Kaw Nation are proud to stand alongside one another as Dirty Kanza pursues its mission to provide life-enriching experiences to event participants and to build community,” wrote Cummins.

You can read the full open letter from the race organizers and Kaw Nation representatives here.

RUN: Russian Man Runs ultramarathon Around His Bedroom. Ultrarunner Dmitry Yakukhny completed a 62-mile ultramarathon by running in circles around his double bed in Vladivostok this weekend.

Like many runners, Yakukhny was training for a different race — the Marathon des Sables. But his plans changed due to the pandemic. Read the full story here.

ICAST, IFTD Fishing Trade Shows Canceled for 2020
ICAST, IFTD Fishing Trade Shows Canceled for 2020
Two of the most prominent trade shows in the fishing world cancel as the coronavirus pandemic continues to wreak havoc on the outdoor industry. Read more…

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