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Black Crows Drops Full Film, ‘The Draconians’: A Nikolai Schirmer & Sam Favret Shred Fest

Need some inspiration as the alpine ski season kicks off? You've found it. The latest ski film from Black Crows Skis is beautiful and epic in equal measure.

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Alpine ski films don’t get better than this. In “The Draconians,” Sam Favret and Nikolai Schirmer take on some of the steepest snow slopes in Norway’s endlessly gorgeous fjords and mountains.

Produced by Black Crows Skis, the film leans on the talents of Schirmer and Favret; but also of Hensli Sage, whose incredible drone photography immerses you in the action. When our ski heroes stand atop a mountain, staring down at a slope that would tighten the sphincter of any sane person, the camera swoops around them for a 360-degree perspective.

When they finally go for it, zipping down the mountain at unholy speeds, the camera never loses them, and it’s easy to feel that you’re flying above them in that moment, uncertain if they’ll make it down in one piece.

It’s an amazing example of how far both skiing and drone camera work have come.

In “The Draconians,” Schirmer and Favret, decked out in Black Crows gear, charge snow-covered seaside slopes and narrow couloirs at full throttle. The runs plunge toward the Norwegian coast, and the low-hung sun of the far north casts everything in a picture-perfect light.

The film is a visual work of art of a bucket list ski trip. And the athletes Black Crows chose to feature in “The Draconians” make it look like an absolute dream.

Runtime: 29 minutes

Blackcrows brings Ski Sauvage back; (Photo/Blackcrows)

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