Choose Your Own Sonic Adventure With Snowboarding Film

This unique snowboarding vid from YouTuber Gimbal God gives you options: enjoy the ambient sounds or cue it up with a killer track from Genesis Owuso.

Maybe I’ve been out of the loop, but the last time I experienced a musical sync-up was the most obvious one: “Alice In Wonderland” with Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon.”

But watching this creative musical match with stellar snowboarding runs makes me wonder: Why don’t outdoor docs do this more often?

Perhaps we’ll get a new trend out of this. Either way, kudos to Australian singer Genesis Owuso for the vibin’ track and Gimbal God for the creativity in filmmaking.

Use the video below to sync up the music with the video above. Or simply relax to the swooshing ambient sounds sans musical accompaniment.

Runtime: 4 minutes

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