This Whale Almost Died, Saved By Boaters And One Small Knife

Gillnets are known to kill a lot more than their intended prey. Bycatch, unintended victims of gillnets, ranges from inedible fish to sea turtles to dolphins and whales.

Luckily for this young humpback, a group of boaters came along just in time to save it from drowning. While this video has a happy ending, the near-death of a beautiful creature in an unattended net serves as warning that regulations meant to protect marine mammals from such harm may not be sufficient. —Sean McCoy

Sean McCoy

Editorial Director Sean McCoy is a life-long outdoorsman who grew up hunting and fishing central Wisconsin forests and lakes. He joined GearJunkie after a 10-year stint as a newspaperman in the Caribbean, where he learned sailing and wooden-boat repair. Based in GearJunkie's Denver office, McCoy is an avid trail runner, camper, hunter, angler, mountain biker, skier, and beer tester.