Winner! ‘Day of the Knife’ Grand Prize

The votes are in. Much respect to Nick Gajewski of Chicago, our 2013 “Day of the Knife” Grand Prize winner!

Gajewski and nine other finalists duked it out in a crowd-source final voting spree this week where we let our readers up-vote photos to eventually claim a winner. He emerged with nearly 400 votes, bumping ahead by a small margin for the win.

$5000 in gear and SOG knives headed to Nick Gajewski of Chicago, our 2013 “Day of the Knife” Grand Prize winner

The SOG-sponsored “Day of the Knife” project was a huge success, including a series of content around knives and contests that awarded readers with 125 SOG knives over the past month.

The Grand Prize contest alone received nearly 900 photo submissions of readers in their outdoor element with a knife in hand.

For Gajewski, the image above was his money shot. More people voted on the badass moto pic than any other during the duration of the contest.

Substantial SOG blades were shipped to winners throughout the month

Congrats to all the winners, and thanks to SOG for sponsoring an amazing project this year. Secondary sponsors Osprey Packs, SPOT Satellite, ECCO, Kelty, Goal Zero, and Garmin contributed serious swag to our Grand Prize cache. (See the full gear spread here.)

It was the second year of “Day of the Knife.” Like the first time, the 2013 edition was a blast all around. Keep in touch throughout the year on the DOTK Facebook page. And stay tuned for details on the 2014 DOTK project. We’ll be ramping up and sharpening our blades again before we know it!

—Stephen Regenold

Gear from the $5K Grand Prize gear cache
Stephen Regenold

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