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YouTuber Logan Paul Kicked Out of Yosemite National Park

Logan Paul Yosemite
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Park rangers booted YouTube sensation Logan Paul after noise complaints and illegal camping.

Logan Paul Yosemite

Last weekend, prominent YouTube vlogger Logan Paul fell afoul of the National Park Service for violating camp rules – on his birthday. Paul, a successful YouTuber with more than 17 million subscribers, arrived at Yosemite to celebrate – on camera.

But upon his visit, all campsites were booked. So instead of leaving and camping elsewhere, Paul spent the night in the parking lot atop his bus. He took up five parking spaces with the large vehicle and trailer.

In the morning, a park ranger confronted him and issued a warning: “If everyone who wanted to camp wherever they felt like it did, imagine how trashed this place would be.”

Soon after, word got out among Yosemite campers because Paul broadcast the incident. And several fans gave up their campsites so the YouTuber and his friends could have a place to stay legally.

But during his stay, Paul continued to receive citations for disruptive noise.  Eventually, on April 3, officials kicked Paul and his entourage out of the park, according to SFGATE.

Watch Paul’s vlog below to see his confrontation with NPS rangers:

Logan Paul Kicked Out of Yosemite National Park

Paul continued to film after the weekend and was issued citations for “unsafe operations” and food storage violations, a park spokesperson told SFGate.

His unsafe operations included driving around Yosemite roads with people inside tents on the roof. His food storage violations included leaving coolers and food unsecured at his campsite.

On Tuesday, after these violations and continued noise complaints from nearby campers, park rangers asked Paul to leave.

YouTube Controversy in Japan

Logan Paul came under fire last year after he visited Aokigahara, Japan’s “suicide forest,” and created a vlog in which he displayed a dead body. He subsequently took down the video, but not before attracting the attention of lawyers and criticism from millions of viewers and YouTube itself.

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