‘Van Life’ the Music Video: Even Cowboys Get the Blues

Anyone who’s ever lived the nomad life knows things can get a little gnarly out on the open road. Watch this guitar-pickin’ van lifer spin road malaise into country gold.

Willi Carlisle hails from northwest Arkansas, which would be reason for most GearJunkie readers to expect a story about him to entail mountain biking, rock climbing, or some other adventure sport.

But Carlisle’s a country singer, and this video’s style concerns itself more with the way a lot of us get between one escapade and the next: van life.

It’s pretty clear he’s accustomed to life in his ‘01 Dodge Ram, which he bought along with “2 pints of whiskey and a 30 of Hamm’s.” Now, peeing in bottles and eating from cans is part of Carlisle’s rollicking lifestyle.

“Van Life” plays out over a soundtrack of liquid lap steel and shuffling snare brushes, often hilariously. Dense, relatable lyrics keep the action fresh — and undoubtedly cringe-inducing, for any of us who’ve been there. See for yourself.

Runtime: 5 minutes

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