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Trust Your Life To A ‘Survival Pipe’?

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[leadin]It looks like a pipe bomb. Its Kickstarter campaign failed this month. But the creator of a new kind of survival product is not discouraged.[/leadin]


The AARMED “ultimate survival system and EDC” is a different take on the survival gear game. Start with an aluminum tube.

Add some end caps, rubber slings, wire, rope, fire starters, and what looks like a type of survival yo-yo, and you’ve got one funky (but probably fun) device for use in the outdoors.


This might not be our first choice to bring if dropped in a remote forest, but it would certainly offer tools that could come in handy.

Most importantly, it will help you start a fire (with included magnifying glass and flint steel lighter) and boil water. The tube itself has a “fire base” that lets it sit on coals and be used for cooking.

Modular Survival Product

Another odd feature, it can be used as a bow or slingshot by attaching a hefty band to lob projectiles. Dinner is served? That’s up to your hunting prowess.

Many other uses are touted by the brand, and usually depend on the contents of the tube and attachments, like an optional axe head, to the outside. Fishing, building shelter, signaling for help, first aid, cooking, and scouting are a few of the intended uses.


“I started working on this two years ago and after many changes to the design after testing in Northern Canada we are now proud to offer this system,” wrote Keith Wick, founder of the Alberta-based AARMED Survival Tools.

While the Kickstarter did fail, the pipe dream for this product is still alive. The verdict is out on its functionality, and it’s a pricy product starting at $175 (a likely reason for the failed Kickstarter), but for lovers of the eccentric design, it’s a cool concept.

If you’re intrigued, sign up with the company to be informed of updates at the AARMED website, and be prepared for any survival situation with your pipe in hand.

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