‘Bro, Turn That $#%& Off!’ 21 Questions With Semi-Rad’s Brendan Leonard

Which president would Brendan Leonard most like to slap? And what has become his latest personal obsession (hint: it has nothing to do with the outdoors)? Here’s everything you’ve wondered about the Semi-Rad author, and more, in our 21 Questions.

For as seriously as we outdoor faithful take our adventures, we also know how ridiculous — and fulfilling — a life outdoors can be. And perhaps no one captures that better than Brendan Leonard. His blog, Semi-Rad, has won over throngs of adventure-seekers with absurd drawings, hilarious critiques, and heartfelt motivations.

We corralled Leonard to tell us what makes him tick. Turns out, he used to own Denver’s most infamous van life van, loves ranch jelly beans, and has one serious pet peeve you might be guilty of.

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