Don’t Fly Drones at Wildlife: Video of Falling Bear Cub Shows Why

You can see the mama bear panic and swipe at the drone just before the cub slides down the side of the mountain. This kind of drone-wildlife interaction is exactly why it’s illegal in the U.S. to harass animals with drones.

ViralHog posted a video seen by millions of a bear cub struggling to follow its mom up a snowy mountain slope. The details of what exactly happened are scant, but judging from the video, the drone gets very close to the bears.

Watch at the 1:17 mark. The mother bear repeatedly makes eye contact with the drone and swipes at the space in front of her. She may have swiped at the drone, or maybe at her cub. Regardless of the reason for swipe, the drone is far too close to this wilderness moment.

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