Get Inspired With Gnarly Nutrition’s ‘Fuel for Life’ Film Series

Gnarly Nutrition just launched its latest project: diving deep into the question of ‘what fuels athletes” both physically and mentally.

Like learning about all the different tricks, routines, and tools athletes use to keep themselves going? Gnarly Nutrition wants to share more of these stories, so it partnered with its athlete ambassadors for a four-part film series.

“We are excited to share Gnarly Nutrition’s four-part Fuel for Life video series,” wrote the brand. “The short film series begins with enduro-racer Blake Hansen’s journey as a transgender athlete [and her] passion for downhill mountain biking.”

Other athletes that the series will feature include an ultrarunner, a climber, even a two-time Mt. Everest summiter.

The first episode premiered on July 26, and the second premieres today. Episodes 3 and 4 will drop on August 12 and August 22, respectively. The Fuel for Life films run about 5-7 minutes each.

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