10 Stunning Photos Of Planet Earth

Outdoors photography has changed dramatically since Ansel Adams first aimed his large-format cameras at the American West. But his images of stunning landscapes still capture the imagination. Adams’ photography has long been cited as an instrumental force in building support for environmental protection.

Hiking canyons in Whitney, CA; Photo by Chris Burkard

Patagonia has now tapped some of today’s best outdoor photographers — Chris Burkand, Becca Skinner, and Ben Moon, among many more — for the book “Going Out is Going In.”

The goal is to raise support for One Percent For The Planet, a movement that asks companies to pledge at least one percent of their profits to environmental groups.

6 - Credit Becca Skinner-1
Fly fishing the Snake River in Wyoming; Photo by Becca Skinner

From surreal landscapes to campsite intimacy, the book, taken as a whole, is a contemporary snapshot of how today’s photographers are capturing the outdoors — and ultimately making the case for its protection and preservation.

5 - Credit Forest Woodward-1
Snorkeling in Hawaii; Photo by Forest Woodward

Going Out is Going In is available from Patagonia for $20 with all proceeds benefiting One Percent for the Planet.

11 - Credit James Q. Martin-1
An alpaca in the mountains of Patagonia; Photo by James Q. Martin


7 - Credit Ben Moon-1
Relaxing after a day of surfing on the Oregon Coast; Photo by Ben Moon


Timmy Oneill bouldering - Neff Valley Patagonia, Chile
Bouldering in Neff Valley, Patagonia, Chile; Photo by Timmy Oneill


10 - Credit Tamara Hamstie-1
Rock climbing in Arizona; Photo by Tamara Hamstie


9 - Credit Forest Woodward-1
A Snow Monkey takes a dip in a hot spring in Japan; Photo by Forest Woodward


Winter surfing in Norway; Photo by Chris Burkard


1 - Cover Photo; Credit Ben Moon-1
Hammocking in Maui; Photo by Ben Moon


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