Fastest Known: Film Documents ‘Origins of FKT’

From humble grassroots beginnings in the 1990s, the activity (and obsession) of FKT has risen to become trail running’s hottest pursuit.

This short film, sponsored by Merrell and in partnership with Wild Confluence Media and, gives a visual timeline of the rise of fastest known time attempts and the culture that has developed around it.

Rise of FKT: How Wild Spaces Sparked an Ultrasport
Rise of FKT: How Wild Spaces Sparked an Ultrasport
Runners are attempting – and crushing – fastest known times like never before. But detractors claim the practice takes away from the wilderness experience. Read more…

From the late 1990s to present day, everyday athletes and famous ultrarunners have helped build the practice of pushing limits on trails and mountain peaks.

“Origins of FKT” gives a glimpse into the scene, which has roots on the John Muir Trail in California and, now, all the way to the heights of Mount Everest.

Archival footage and in-person interviews with FKT luminaries are included in the documentary, filmed in Boulder, Colo., as well as scenes from FKTs obtained around the world.

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