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Boating down the Colorado River below Havasu Creek in Grand Canyon National Park. NPS photo by Mark Lellouch.

Bernhardt Announces 30 New National Recreation Trails in 25 States

Like administrations before it, the Trump Administration continues to add new National Recreation Trails across the country. And 1,275 new trail miles are now open to the public.

From national water trails to accessible trails for people with disabilities, new National Recreation Trails are now in motion across the country.

U.S. Secretary of the Interior David L. Bernhardt announced the new trail designations from Lake Mead National Recreation Area. There, 76 miles of the Colorado River became a new national recreation trail, the Mohave Water Trail.

“I encourage Americans to get outside, enjoy our incredible public lands, and visit a nearby national recreation trail. Spanning more than 83,000 miles, larger than the interstate highway system, the National Trails System provides easy access to a wide variety of outdoor experiences,” said Secretary Bernhardt.

The newly designated additions include trails in Colorado, Arizona, California, Georgia, Michigan, and more. The newly recognized trails span the nation. They include gems like a Gulf Coast river trail, a volcano rim trail, and more cool locales. Each of the newly designated trails will receive a certificate of designation, a set of trail markers, and a letter of recognition from Secretary Bernhardt.

(It’s important to note that these 1,200 miles of trails already existed; they are just now getting a new designation.)

It’s routine for every presidential administration to announce new national trails. However, the announcements usually occur the first week of June in celebration of the country’s National Trails Day, which occurs each year on the first Saturday of June.

Especially with more people recreating outside and closer to home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, public access to the outdoors is vital. You can view the current national recreation trails database (administered by the U.S. Forest Service) here to find a trail near you.

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