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Burris FastFire 4 Review: A Red Dot That Won’t Break the Bank

Burris FastFire 4(Photo/Adam Moore)
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With multiple reticles and the capability of becoming a closed emitter, the Burris FastFire 4 is a versatile reflex sight that can adapt to multiple hunting seasons or shooting applications.

Burris’ most recent rendition of its FastFire line of red dots offers four reticles that make it a widely versatile optic, as do the co- or Picatinny mounting options. If you want a ton of mileage from one red dot, this one will fit right at home in the turkey woods, on a carbine, your EDC, or a strategically rigged deer rifle.

This red dot’s brightness intensity settings, small footprint, and optional weather shield make it an adequately rugged sight with the potential for precise shot placement, whether you’re running three guns or trying to pick up a tom’s head weaving through the timber.

In short: The Burris FastFire 4 can adapt to your hunting and shooting applications, and its sub-$400 price tag should appeal to a wide range of budgets and hunters.

Burris FastFire 4 Review

Burris FastFire 4 Side View
(Photo/Adam Moore)


  • Four reticle options
  • Optional weather shield
  • Auto-shutoff after 8 hours
  • Magnification: 1.07x
  • Objective lens size: 27x18mm
  • Three brightness levels
  • Windage, elevation adjustments: 90 MOA
  • Weight: 1.06 oz.
  • Battery: CR1632
  • Battery life: 26 hrs. on medium
  • Burris Forever Warranty
  • Picatinny mount
  • Testing the Burris FastFire 4

For my own purposes, I have the Burris FastFire 4 rigged on a turkey gun. And what better way to test a red dot’s ability to hold its zero than running through a few boxes of magnum payload?

Burris FastFire 4 Reticle Shot
(Photo/Adam Moore)

After zeroing the FastFire 4 on my Remington 870, I made note of the point of impact at 30 yards and used this to evaluate the zero at the end of the shooting session. I then performed five shots with each reticle at distances of 30 and 40 yards. After two boxes of Winchester Longbeard XR, the FastFire 4 held its zero.

Buttons on each side of the FastFire 4 allow you to toggle between the 3 MOA, 11 MOA, 11 MOA, and Circle, and 3 MOA and Circle reticles, as well as four (auto, low, medium, and high) brightness settings.

To power down the FastFire 4, simply hold the reticle brightness button for 3 seconds. Even if you forget, the auto-shutoff turns the red dot off after 8 hours of inactivity.

Where the Burris FastFire 4 Falls Short

Burris FastFire 4 Top View
(Photo/Adam Moore)

On high intensity, the FastFire 4 produces significant optical distortion, especially with the larger circle reticle options, but even on the lowest it still emits a dot bloom. This shouldn’t impede target acquisition within pistol or shotgun range, but it can distort the sight window at longer rifle distances.

However, I found the low setting produces plenty of brightness even in low-light conditions. This brightness also makes reticle acquisition a breeze if you’re facing into the sun.

Where the Burris FastFire 4 Excels

For less than $400, the FastFire 4 packs a ton in its small footprint. The optional weather shield is a bonus, and the increased objective lens on the FastFire 4 provides a larger sight window without adding bulk.

I also appreciate this sight’s simplicity from an operational standpoint. Even with four reticle options, the FastFire 4’s two control buttons are intuitive to run.

Final Thoughts

Burris FastFire 4 Field
(Photo/Adam Moore)

The Burris FastFire 4’s reticle and mounting options and price should appeal to hunters and shooters looking for a do-it-all red dot sight. Its reticle might not have the crispness of other red dot options in this price range, but if you want a sight that adapts to the seasons and won’t break the bank, the FastFire 4 should fill that gap.

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