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E-Bikes Are Flippin’ Heavy: QuietKat Pivot Pro Offers a Transport Solution

Loading your e-bike up to head off to an adventure can be a pain, literally. QuietKat has found your solution.

QuietKat Pivot Pro HitchQuietKat Pivot Pro Hitch; (photo/QuietKat)
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Love ’em or hate ’em, everyone can agree on one thing: e-bikes are insanely heavy. It doesn’t even matter which model you go with; they typically weigh more than double a traditional mountain bike.

I’m currently testing the QuietKat Apex Pro, and though I love the bike, the bare-bones weight is 70+ pounds. I do have a standard hitch rack on my truck. I’m positive I look like a buffoon trying to load a bike that weighs just less than I do.

This might just be the solution.

QuietKat Pivot Pro Bike Rack: First Look

QuietKat Pivot Pro Rack
QuietKat Pivot Pro Hitch Rack; (photo/QuietKat)

How neat is that? The QuietKat Pivot Pro Hitch Rack ($600-950) looks very similar to a traditional hitch rack, except this one has a mean lean.

Not only does it work as a standalone hitch rack to transport your bike, but it can also be used as a ramp to help load e-bikes into the bed.

“When we first started designing the Pivot Pro Hitch Rack, we knew that it had to be as easy to use as the bikes we put on them. Safe, simple, strong, and they had to allow any user to load a bike by themselves. The new Pivot Pro does all of that and more,” noted Jake Roach, president and co-founder of QuietKat.

The Pivot Pro Hitch Rack isn’t just for e-bikes, either. It would be a great solution for the mountain biker that struggles to load their bike for whatever reason. An additional Add-On Tray allows for two bikes to be carried on the rack, with a weight capacity of 100 pounds per bike.

Quiet Kat Pivot Pro

Initial Thoughts

The rack is currently available for preorder. Though we haven’t had hands on it yet, we have to admit that it looks like a pretty sweet solution to a frustrating problem.

The only clear negative that we can see without being face to face is the price. It’s steep and might sting a bit for the casual rider. With the single bike mount being $600 and the double hitting at $950, this might be aimed more at the habitual e-bike enthusiast.

We’ll definitely keep you up to date on what we think when our test model rolls in. We’re going to have to really give this one a hard look to make sure the bang is worth the buck.

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