So You Think Your Hunting Shots Are Cool? Enter Sitka’s Diverge Photo Challenge

It’s the season for hunters to unleash their inner artists, chase down the perfect shot, and win major prizes.

The Sitka Gear Diverge photo challenge is now open for its 11th year. The contest inspires hunters to take their creativity into the backcountry.

As in previous years, this photo contest is about more than just focusing on the kill. It’s about capturing the experience as authentically as possible. It’s about telling a story.

Sitka’s ‘Diverge’ Photo Challenge: An Image Worth a Thousand Prizes



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With Diverge, Sitka Gear aims to push the boundaries of what a hunting photo can look like. As the brand’s website explains, “We wanted DIVERGE to be a platform for the raw, rugged, beautiful, and true moments — both good and bad — not just trophy shots.”

Sitka’s divergence is good news for everyone who appreciates photos that express the beauty of the landscape, illustrate the challenges of the backcountry, and draw us into the wild animal kingdom. Trophy shots are great. But they’re all about the proverbial destination and usually say little of the journey that brought the hunter there.

The submission timeframe for Sitka’s Diverge photo challenge is Sept. 19, 2022, to Jan. 13, 2023. There will be five categories, each with its own winner:

  1. Big Game
  2. Waterfowl
  3. Whitetail
  4. The Life
  5. #Sitkaroughcuts (a new category of raw uncut footage from the field)

The grand-prize winner will receive corresponding category prizes (like compound bows, coolers, blinds, knives, boots, and tents) in addition to a Sony Alpha 7R IV camera and accompanying FE 24-70mm F2.8 GM II lens. Check out Sitka Gear’s website for more details and to view all the other awesome prizes.

Think you have the shutter chops to win Sitka’s Diverge Photo Challenge? Enter the photo contest online and check out hot tips for each category.

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