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Sitka Gear Mountain Pants Review: The Workhorse Pant for Any Season

Don’t let the name deter you. Sitka Gear's Mountain Pants are not terrain-exclusive. From fields and foothills to trees and tundra, these pants are a must-have for any hunter throughout the year.

Sitka Mountain Pant(Photo/Sitka Gear)
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I’m an obsessive generalist when it comes to hunting. Whether it’s elk and antelope in the west or whitetails and turkeys around my home in Minnesota, I want to experience it all throughout the year. And I want gear that’s going to be versatile enough to handle a variety of climates and terrain, and hold up for multiple seasons.

I have used the Sitka Mountain Pants over the past 5 years on different styles of hunts throughout the country. Despite the beating they’ve taken, they keep coming back for more.

In short: The Sitka Mountain Pant marries lightweight durability and versatility and should be the go-to choice for any hunter getting off trail this season.

Sitka Gear Mountain Pant


  • Weight 26.2 oz. (size L)
  • Fabric 4-way stretch-woven polyester
  • Durable Water-Repellent (DWR) Finish Resists light precipitation and prevents the face fabric from wetting out
  • Articulated Fit Delivers a maximum range of motion with minimal bulk
  • Removable Kneepads Offers additional protection whether scrambling through deadfall in the Rockies, crawling through cacti in the Sonoran Desert, or field-dressing an animal
  • Patterns Available Optifade Subalpine, Optifade Open Country, Dirt (Tan)
  • Cost $209


  • Lightweight
  • Quick-drying
  • Durable


  • Price
  • Synthetic material can start to smell

Sitka Gear Mountain Pants Review: Features

Materials and Fit

When I first got the Sitka Mountain Pants, I noticed how lightweight and stretchy they were. Like a pair of sweatpants that have a more durable face fabric. Sitka offers the Mountain Pants in standard pant sizes, with both Regular and Tall sizes.

Sitka Gear tends to run with a more athletic fit. It’s not baggy, so you aren’t constantly getting snagged on brush or having to hike up the crotch to hop a fence. My size fits the same as a pair of jeans. If you’re in-between sizes, I would suggest sizing up one size for those chilly days when you need to add a base layer.


These pants have zippered hip and back-right pockets that are great for quick access without the worry of losing gear in the woods. I tend to not use mine as much on the hunt, but instead rely on the cargo pockets on the outside of each leg. Each cargo pocket has a quiet snap closure and a zippered, thin outer pocket, which are great for storing tags, cards, and cash when you want to leave the wallet at home, or mouth calls.


It also comes with removable foam kneepads, though I tend to leave them in unless I’m wearing them under a heavy late-season bib. I’d rather have them and not need them than vice versa.

Kneeling on the ground for a shot, climbing over deadfall, or crawling on a stalk, the kneepads have saved me more times than I can count. They can also be used if you are saddle hunting and need to brace against the tree.

The pads fall just below the knees when fully standing, but this is by design. When the leg is lifted and the knee bent, the kneepad falls right where it should to give ample protection.

Field Test

Sitka Gear Mountain Pant
(Photo/Aaron Hebeisen)

The Mountain Pants are designed for early to mid-season hunting. Trekking through elevation change looking for elk, turkeys, or bears can work up a sweat. These hunting pants are designed to be lightweight and wick water vapor away from your body. Be careful though; I’ve forgotten to take my phone out of the cargo pockets, only to climb to the top of a hill and find a small amount of moisture on the phone case.

Store electronics in a looser layer, backpack, or bino harness when possible. While not fully waterproof, the DWR finish on the pants repels moisture from mist or morning dew and dries quickly. The Mountain Pants are made with synthetic polyester material, so they can start to get a little ripe after a few days, but a quick rinse in a gas station sink or a nearby stream will have you smelling spring fresh.

The brushed face on the Mountain Pants is both durable and totally silent. Mine have knelt, crawled, and climbed over and through some gnarly rocks and briars, and they barely have a snag after 5 years. The only permanent damage they have is a hole melted from a stray campfire ember, but a call to Sitka’s customer service and they had a patch kit in the mail right away.

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Sitka Gear Mountain Pant: Conclusion

I wear the Mountain Pants on almost every hunt. They’re light and flexible enough to put under waders or bibs for a late-season hunt, wear on their own, or layer under them for chilly mornings when you’re calling turkeys or hiking around the mountains.

While the price tag on Sitka Gear can leave you with some hesitation, let me put your mind at ease. For the cost of a less expensive pair of outdoor pants, you’re either going to sacrifice comfort or durability.

My pants have stood the test of time and terrain over multiple seasons, and they still look like new and remain extremely comfortable. Combined with the Optifade camo patterns that blend into nearly every habitat type, you’ll be able to use these pants for many years and many different types of hunting, which will save you money in the long run.

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