Sitka Gear Recruits Bowhunter, Big-Wave Surfer for 2-Part Film Series

Surfing, spearfishing, hunting, living close to nature — that’s what this high-stakes athlete is all about.

Maui, Hawaii local Mark Healey is a waterman and professional big-wave surfer, but he’s also a bowhunter. “When it’s high-stakes bowhunting, I probably have as much or more adrenaline than surfing giant waves,” said Healey. “You get nervous — full buck fever.”

For Healey, hunting on and around the Hawaiian Islands is a way to honor traditional methods of hunting and gathering as well as trading within a local food system. With nearly all the island’s food being imported, hunting is a way to achieve “food independence.”

In this film series, “The Last Punk Rock Thing Left,” Healey talks spearfishing, hunting, and the appreciation for wild meat, fish, and game.

Runtime: 6 minutes

Watch Part OneWatch Part Two

Sitka Gear produced the “The Last Punk Rock Thing Left” film series. 

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