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UBCO 2X2 Hunting Bike: The Trail Just Got Quieter

If you like the idea of easily bringing home your haul with a low environmental impact, UBCO's Hunt Edition bikes are worth a look.

UBCO hunt edition bikeThe UBCO 2X2 Hunt Edition bike; (photo/UBCO)
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Nearly silent, all-terrain, and with a 75-mile range: The new hunting bikes from UBCO are tailor-made for sneaking into hunt territory.

On Tuesday, electric adventure motorcycle company UBCO launched a limited run of 2X2 Hunt Edition bikes for the first time. A collaborative project with Shane Dorian, hunter and pro surfer, the electric bikes aim for flexible use among hunters of all kinds.

UBCO built the bikes to handle a diversity of terrain, including mud, sand, steep inclines, and dirt tracks. Moreover, they are “whisper quiet,” the company said in a press release, and carry no spark flash. That makes them perfect for use in isolated areas, where it’s crucial to avoid disturbing wildlife or creating a risk of fire with a gas-powered vehicle.

With plenty of carry capacity, these bikes can go the distance, Dorian said in the press release.

“The UBCO Hunt Edition is a hunter’s dream bike,” he said. “With a 75-mile range, AWD, and full suspension, I can get me everywhere I need to hunt with only the twist of a throttle. The 335-lb. weight capacity allows me to extend my hunts and bring home more meat. The experience of using a silent, electric AWD vehicle to hunt, especially one as tough as the UBCO is unbeatable.”

UBCO 2X2 Hunt Edition Bikes: Design and Specs

The Hunt Edition bikes are based off the company’s classic 2X2 Electric Bike, but will additional features aimed at hunters.

It’s outfitted to carry more with the addition of cargo decks and MOLLE panels. Altogether, it can haul up to 335 pounds. Other features include a Peak Design Phone Mount, Barebones Living Japanese Nata Tool, waterproof center carryall, UBCO front and rear cargo decks, and a Giant Loop Pronghorn strap. Buyers will also receive a free 3-month membership to the onX Hunt Elite app.

A built-in phone mount makes it easy to use GPS while on the hunt; (photo/UBCO)

The bike can reach up to 30 mph, and also comes with a boost option for reaching 40 mph, though the extra speed will impact the vehicle’s 75-mile range.

“We want to make adventure more accessible,” Phill Harrison, UBCO’s SVP of Marketing and Corporate Development, said in the press release. “We know more and more people are interested in gathering their own food in sustainable and ethical ways, and we hope this bike can help fuel this movement.”

Shane Dorian attaches his bow and quiver to the UBCO 2X2 Hunt Edition; (photo/UBCO)

UBCO 2X2 Hunt Edition Bikes: Pricing & Availability

UBCO’s bikes and batteries are designed in New Zealand and assembled in the USA. The company will also provide test rides for anyone looking for a hands-on experience before purchase.

From October 1, customers can purchase the UBCO 2X2 Hunt Edition for $6,500 (including tax) via UBCO’s website or any UBCO dealer. Financing options are available.

For reference, that’s only a bit pricier than the Bakcou Storm, which was GearJunkie’s pick for the best hunting e-bike of 2023. However, UBCO’s bike is more dirt bike than bicycle, boasting 15 more miles of range and 35 pounds more carrying capacity. So if you’re looking for one of the best options available, UBCO’s design might be just the thing.

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