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The Coolest Video In The History Of Archery

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Part instructional video, part history lesson and part dazzling archery, Lars Andersen brings the bow and arrow to an incredible new level in this video.

Andersen, a Danish man known as the “world’s fastest archer,” made the video to disprove several Hollywood myths about archery.

In 2012, Andersen released his video ”Reinventing The Fastest Forgotten Archery” in which he showed how he learned to shoot from old archery manuscripts. Using these forgotten techniques, Lars demonstrated how he was now the fastest archer on the planet. This video hit its first million views within 13 hours.

Since the 2012 video was released, Lars has studied and practiced, and he is now able to fire three arrows in 0.6 seconds.

His newest video shows all kinds of impressive feats like grabbing an arrow in mid-air and firing it back. Watch for yourself and be amazed.

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