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Hit the Road: Embark on National Geographic’s Real-Life, Virtual Park Tour

U.S. National Parks are busier than ever. Nat Geo is here with a new way to explore through what it’s calling ‘a real or virtual journey’ to America’s National Parks.

Now through August 22, National Geographic is offering a way to beat the crowds with its Summer Adventures on the Road program, tailored to younger outdoor recreators.

Through Nat Geo’s adventure interface, virtually travel to a slew of America’s national parks and monuments. And gather the fam: Folks of all ages will learn about these parks’ mountains, nature, wildlife, and more.

Google Earth, best hunting app
Yellowstone National Park’s Grand Prismatic, from Google Earth.

And while the road trip tour is virtual, the exploration can be real. In case you visit these parks in person, Nat Geo made activity booklets available for younger adventurers (available for kids 4-8 and 9-18).

The booklets include fun-to-dos like nature bingo, a litter challenge, journaling, and more. Really, it’s for anyone young at heart.

For those more digitally inclined, there’s also an interactive “Book Quest,” led and narrated by National Geographic explorers.

Road Trip With Nat Geo: Family-Style Adventures

In the spirit of a true road trip, National Geographic is releasing park destinations one at a time, so you can experience the impending are-we-there-yet excitement that comes with any road trip adventure.

Check out the first stops on the Nat Geo road trip, and join other park enthusiasts at the next stop on the tour:

  • Yellowstone National Park
    • Learn about: geysers and wolves
    • Check out: the related booklist
    • Our favorite learning moment: the Great Elk Migration
  • Everglades National Park
    • Learn about: gators and crocs
    • Check out: the interactive mapping
    • Our favorite learning moment: Sea Turtles 101
  • Next up: Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary, on August 9
  • And many more!

We’ll add parks featured later on the virtual adventure here, in case you miss a stop.

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