Celebrate National Outdoors Month, Meditate With Merrell

In honor of National Outdoors Month, Merrell is offering a quick little guide on finding some peace outside.

If your week has been anything like mine, you might find yourself in need of a little mental TLC. And why not find that outside? Do some self-care, sit back, and meditate with Merrell’s mini meditative journey, where you are outdoors.

The brand partnered with Taylor Elyse Morrison to bring us this meditation session that integrates her Inner Workout routine. “Morrison’s on a mission to help others beat burnout through building the skill of self-care,” explained Merrell.

This 10-minute meditation includes listening, breathing exercises, movement, meditation, and journaling.

Go for a slow walk instead of a run. Maybe meditate while gardening or plowing snow.

Wherever you find yourself, take this as an opportunity to calm yourself, breathe, and take in some nature.

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