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Ruffwear Launches Redesigned ‘Front Range’ Dog Gear

To kick off spring, Ruffwear has launched dozens of new products to help you and your adventure pup get outside. We got our hands on a couple of products from the Front Range collection for a first look.

Ruffwear’s spring collection — available now includes some pretty major redesigns. Both the Front Range harness and leash have new designs, and the brand has also added a brand-new matching collar to the collection.

Other updates include new hues and patterns for leashes and new reflective webbing designs on several of the brand’s collars. But the new gear doesn’t stop there. Ruffwear also has a summer collection, launched today.

The summer lineup includes exciting products like a sleeping pad and redesigned sleeping bag for your pup, a training collar, and more. Here’s a sneak peek at Ruffwear’s latest products.

Front Range Harness, Leash, and Collar

Sean McCoy, GearJunkie editor-in-chief, has been using the Front Range Harness ($40) and Leash ($20) and loves them. And his dog, Leika, loves them too.

They used the Front Range Harness on Leika’s first day pulling him skijoring, and it seemed to work very well. They’re both new to the sport, but a few experts checked out the harness and thought it looked great and wouldn’t put stress on joints.

Leika looked super comfortable in the harness and showed no signs of soreness after a few miles pulling. Just watch her go!

This harness has a new design to keep your pup comfortable — and you in control — on the trail. The harness has padding for your dog’s chest and shoulder areas and has two options for leash attachment: a V-ring on the back and reinforced webbing at the chest.

The Front Range Leash ($20) is pretty simple. But I love that it riffs off the wire-gate carabiner design, which seems very secure. It also has a handle built into the leash right near the attachment in case you want to shorten up the grip on your dog.

This is really useful when navigating busy places like brewpubs or parks (yes, I expect that one day these things will return).

New to the collection, the Front Range Collar ($15) is designed to stand up to everyday outdoor use. The collar is made with durable webbing and has a side-release buckle and ID clip in addition to the tag ring. It comes in three sizes and six colors.

front range collection

Crag Leash

Ruffwear’s spring launch includes patterns for the first time ever on items like this popular Crag Leash ($35). The crag leash can be used in hand or attached at the waist and can even be adjusted one-handed.

The leash extends fully to 6 feet and has integrated, reflective webbing for safety on evening walks and runs. New colors and patterns include Blue Dusk, Cindercone Red, and Seafoam.

Highlands Sleeping Bag and Pad

The Highlands Sleeping Bag ($100) got a full redesign for this summer. The bag features a polyester fabric shell, synthetic insulation, and a zippered sleeve in which you can insert the Highlands Pad for extra comfort and warmth. It even comes with a stuff sack.

The Highlands Pad ($40) is a closed-cell foam pad that’s designed for dogs (and humans) on the go. Simply throw it in your truck or stow it in your pack (it folds/packs easily), and you’ll be ready if your dog needs a rest along the trail.

Ruffwear sleeping pad dogs

So whether it’s your dog’s first time camping or they’re your go-to adventure buddy, these products are sure to make their time spent outside a bit comfier.

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