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Ruffwear Overcoat Fuse Review: Clever Jacket-Harness Combo for Dogs

Want a waterproof jacket for your dog that can withstand snow, rain, and the dark of night? Enter the Ruffwear Overcoat Fuse.

A Black dog wearing the Ruffwear Overcoat Fuse Dog Jacket(Photo/Mary Murphy)
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Some dogs are just meant to be outside. My dog, for example, loves the snow — to chase it, eat it, sniff it, play in it, you name it. But sometimes, it’s just not feasible to let my dog run amok in a snowstorm. (One, he’ll get wet and damp and smelly. And two, he might get cold.) Enter the solution: jackets for dogs.

Jackets on the market that are specifically for winter and warmth (unlike say, doggy sun shirts or casual decorative sweaters), go from about $40 and up. Ruffwear’s line of jackets is definitely the middle- to higher-end: from $50-120. However, with this Ruffwear Overcoat, you aren’t just getting a jacket, you’re getting a do-all layer for winter, wrapped up in a jacket and harness combo — for dogs that may need more support and wrangling outdoors. The added two zippered pockets and reflective touches on this jacket also make it fantastic for longer, more rugged, off-the-beaten-path adventures.

In short: Not just any jacket, the Ruffwear Overcoat Fuse Dog Jacket ($90) offers an awesome design with an integrated harness for easy on/off, great weather- and waterproofing, and several versatile uses. If you’re looking for one dog jacket for wet or dry snow, rain, cold, and mountain or city living, this overcoat is it!

Ruffwear Overcoat Fuse Dog Jacket


  • Type Jacket-harness combo
  • Materials 300-denier polyester with water-repellent finish, polyester fleece lining, anodized aluminum D-ring, nylon webbing
  • Attachment points 2
  • Pockets 2
  • Extras Reflective trim, light loop
  • Sizes XXS-XL (13-42" in chest circumference)


  • Great weather resistance in wet and dry snow
  • Easy on/off
  • Relaxed and comfortable fit


  • Doesn't fully protect dogs' underside or chest from snow

Ruffwear Overcoat Jacket Review

Dog model wearing the Ruffwear Overcoat Fuse
GearJunkie’s dog model and Ruffwear coat tester; (photo/Mary Murphy)

First Impressions

I was most excited to test this harness-and-jacket combo for a few reasons. First, winter is a reality here in Colorado, and I needed a piece of gear that my dog could use on wet, snowy, and/or extremely cold days. And second, I wanted something functional enough for daily life in the city (commuting and walking in fluctuating winter weather), but also outdoors. And lastly, my dog, like me, is hard on his gear. I knew I’d have no problem putting this particular apparel item through the wringer.

The integrated harness means a really comfortable fit (at least in my pup’s case). He’s always on the go, moving or running or wiggling around, so I was hoping this design would work better for him (versus dog jackets that fit tightly like clothing). There are also two attachment points for leashes: one on the front harness attachment and the metal D-ring on the back. In addition to the traditional collar attachment, these provide options to leash your dog close to you on the trails or tether at camp.

I tested out these various functions with my dog at the local park, while winter hiking and snowshoeing, and on cold walks around the neighborhood and town.

Sizing and Comfort

One of the best things about this dog jacket is it slides easily over the head to put on — no fiddling with zippers or leg holes while you help your dog into a jacket. (Most dog sweater designs I see require helping the dog to step into the jacket while you secure it). With this one, the harness just buckles on both sides. That’s it.

Ruffwear’s sizing for this jacket is measured around the chest/rib cage, and it has sizing for dogs all the way from 13 to 42 inches around. Once on, you can tighten the webbing at the buckle points as necessary if you need a snugger fit.

One note on Ruffwear’s sizing: My pup is growing fast, so at the time I got a sample for testing, I knew I wanted to order a size up. He is between 24 and 25 inches around, so I went with a size medium, which starts at 27 inches, to give him room to grow. Adjusted down a little at the side buckles, the medium is a perfect fit. If your dog is already done growing, just go with its size as is. For any puppies out there, know that ordering one size up worked out great.

Harness of the Ruffwear Overcoat Fuse dog jacket
The fit of the harness was comfortable for my dog around the chest, and he was also still able to comfortably stand, sit, or lie down; (photo/Mary Murphy)

Usage in Heavy Snow

In addition to the design of the Fuse Jacket, the fabric, materials, and DWR treatment for waterproofing proved top-notch as well. For good measure, I had my dog wear this jacket on a 30-minute walk in a snowstorm, while playing fetch (and rolling) in a snow-packed field, and in wetter sleet-type weather too.

From fresh falling snow to wet snow to dry, from snow in the air and on the ground, the waterproofing and jacket protection held up.

Finally, this “Overcoat” has a fleece lining, which isn’t just on the jacket portion but also on the integrated harness. Most dogs are fine in colder temps to a point, but I appreciated the added warmth of the fleece for my lean pup. The fleece also seems to provide a good amount of comfort for my dog. I didn’t notice any rubbing or fidgeting with his jacket on, even on longer walks and hikes.

Bonus Reflectivity!

Ruffwear Overcoat Fuse reflectivity
The Ruffwear coat provided a really awesome amount of reflectivity for visibility on neighborhood walks in blizzards and storms, and after dark; (photo/Mary Murphy)

Finally, the visibility on this Ruffwear jacket was terrific. I’d argue it was even better than the reflective trim on a lot of my running gear. My black lab, who is a shadow that usually disappears into the dark right in front of me, lit up like a Christmas tree. It was wonderful, and I didn’t have to worry about keeping him too close to me as we hiked along a neighborhood trail — or worse, when we are near a road — on a snowy night.

Ruffwear even included a light loop on the top of the jacket near the dog’s head, for clipping a brighter blinking red or white light. I didn’t think this was necessary for this jacket, since the reflective trim provided so much visibility. But it’s nice for users to have the option.

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Ruffwear makes some great gear — I already knew that. But now I know its apparel is worth the investment, especially when it’s as well-designed and weatherproofed as the Overcoat Fuse Jacket.

The next time my dog wants to play in the snow, I can happily let him — knowing he’ll be cozy and dry underneath, thanks to the Overcoat Fuse.

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