‘Wild Tracks’: Sonos Releases National Parks-Inspired Playlists

Sonos has designed a selection of parks-themed playlists for your outdoor listening pleasure.

With a variety of chords, chimes, drums, and fanfare, Sonos is bringing nature to music, and vice versa, with its latest National Parks-inspired soundtracks.

“Wild Tracks invites consumers to explore the world’s most beloved National Parks and outdoor destinations,” Sonos introduced. And you can start listening to the collection today.

Sonos’ Wild Tracks project features music inspired by 11 different national parks across the U.S. and Canada (and one state park), each curated by a different individual who works in nature, sports, or the outdoors.

Sonos enlisted each person to “create original playlists inspired by their own experiences in nature.” Altogether, the playlists feature music genres from synth-pop to rock to instrumental, and selections from over 100 artists.

Parks Playlists: Listen to ‘Wild Tracks’

If you are looking for a fuller sensory connection to nature or one of the specific parks below, these playlists could be a great place to start.

Our favorite tracks so far? The Glacier National Park and Banff National Park playlists. Learn more about each park and playlist creator at Sonos online.

Listen to Wild Tracks

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