‘Mystery Science Theater 3000’ Spoof Brings Laughs to Ski Pack Testing

Mystery Ranch began filming its ‘Theater’ series last year. Now, the first episode is out, providing informational product overviews, testing feedback on its packs, and some laughs — ‘Mystery Science Theater 3000’ style.

It may not be intuitive, but pack brand Mystery Ranch is a master when it comes to onscreen theatrics. The brand has started its “Theater” series, in which its ambassadors reflect on how they review and test packs, heavy with humorous commentary.

And it’s hard not to notice that the series’ format is ripped directly from “Mystery Science Theater 3000.”  We see what you did there, Mystery Ranch.

Here’s how the brand teased its first episode: “Keeping 2021 light and sharing some humor, outdoor ambassadors Eric Balken and Carston Oliver make the best of 2020 with some local backcountry skiing.”

The Mystery Ranch ambassador duo comment, tease, and explain away as they rewatch themselves in a pseudo-movie reel. “Ski touring with a headlamp, in the light — classic,” one ambassador quips. “Oh, this is more realistic!” the another exclaims as the backcountry skiers on screen get caught up in a giant cluster of trees.

The first episode provides a sneak peek at the brand’s fall 2021 ski packs. But it largely provides humor, cracks, quips, laughs, and bleeps. Find Mystery Ranch’s full 2021 line of packs here.

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