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Podcast: Floyd Landis: Tour de France Icon Turned CBD King

Floyd Landis podcast
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Floyd Landis: Tour de France Icon Turned CBD King

Quiet, simple, positive — this might not be how you’d think of the whistleblower who brought professional cycling to its knees and changed both the course and history of the sport. But there’s more to Floyd Landis than an excommunicated Tour de France champion — a lot more.

Floyd Landis etched his name in the history books with his harrowing Tour de France efforts of the early 2000s. But his legacy, forever entwined with Lance Armstrong’s, became one of infamy and complexity.

But after years of tabloid news headlines and courtroom drama, Landis launched a new chapter to his story. Long before CBD became the latest health and nutrition fad for active lifestyles, Floyd’s of Leadville touted the benefits of the anti-inflammatory, calmative cannabis derivative.

Floyd’s of Leadville is now one of the most recognized names in CBD, particularly among athletes.

On this episode of The GearJunkie Podcast, we chat with Landis about the good and bad in professional cycling, his struggle with substance abuse, his humble beginnings in the Mennonite community — even his true business inspiration: The Big Lebowski.

Recorded August 3, 2020



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