Steven Rinella MeatEater podacst

Podcast: Steven Rinella: Be a Survivor, Spot the Gorilla

Steven Rinella MeatEater podacst
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Steven Rinella: Be a Survivor, Spot the Gorilla

The MeatEater founder has learned a lot from hunting, but perhaps nothing more important than how to embrace — not just survive — the elements.

From Netflix to podcasts and even gear, MeatEater is less a brand than it is a movement. What launched as an education and entertainment resource for sportsmen and women now encompasses the hunt-curious and general outdoor recreation enthusiasts all over the world.

And spearheading that charge to preach the backcountry-to-table movement is Steven Rinella, company founder and the host of both the MeatEater podcast and Netflix series. And Rinella’s latest book, “The MeatEater Guide to Wilderness Skills and Survival,” further expands the brand’s scope.

Rinella sat down to talk about the skills he picked up from a life of hunting, tracking, and sleeping under the stars. These skills, he said, aren’t just about keeping the wild at bay, but helping anyone enjoy life outdoors.

Of course, he also chatted about the ethics and responsibility of hunting game, his relationship with death, and why it’s so important to watch out for a guy in a gorilla suit.

Recorded January 7, 2021