Blenders Aura Goggles

Blenders took its first stab at snow goggles this year. The Aura Goggles ($95) are an awesome budget option and offer a really comfortable, accurate fit.

The Aura is a cylindrical-style lens with a magnetic interchange system. The goggle frames are equipped with eight high-strength magnets that let the lenses snap into place. The Aura goggles have a VLT of 14%, 100% UV protection, and an anti-scratch coating. They come with a spare low-light yellow-tint lens, a case, and a microfiber pouch.

For high-quality goggles on a budget, it doesn’t get better than Blenders. Our editor loved testing these goggles on brighter days. The cylindrical Aura style is a great fit for those with small- to medium-framed faces. The magnetic lens system also seemed to work well. She had no issues exchanging lenses, even one-handed.

The goggles perform really well in sunnier conditions, have great contrast, and she loved the fit. And, given mask-wearing is the new standard at ski resorts, it’s worth noting they don’t fog up. (The goggle frame has three layers of hypoallergenic foam.)

And I’ll repeat: They’re under $100. Need another reason to buy? They look damn good if I do say so myself.