Boreal Vehicles Roof Rack

Boreal Vehicles launched in 2021 with aluminum roof racks for Toyota Tacomas and Sprinter vans. With Minneapolis as a home base, the brand knows harsh conditions and how they affect vehicles and accessories.

Using many of the same design principles as other racks in the market, Boreal wasn’t seeking to design a whole new concept but rather to improve it. It set out to produce a rack that could hold up to harsh northern conditions.

Focusing on reducing wind noise, improving fit and finish, and using high-quality fasteners, Boreal improved an already proven design and has now released it to the masses.

One GearJunkie team member has been running the rack for just about a month and covered 1,200 miles with it atop his Tacoma. Wind noise is barely audible even at high speeds, and the rack adds a rugged look to the truck. Mounting accessories has proven fast and easy, and the option to add a little color is a nice touch.