Cotopaxi Teca Cálido Hooded Jacket

What feels better than buying outdoor gear and making a difference in the world at the same time? Cotopaxi products help you do just that. The Utah brand is known for its Do Good creed; its products are designed with social and environmental impact in mind. And the Teca Cálido Hooded Jacket is no exception.

You’ll recognize the Cotopaxi brand by its well-known bright and bold color options. Sustainability is at the center of this jacket’s design, as it’s constructed with repurposed taffeta and recycled polyester insulation. The jacket’s reversibility and multiple pockets make it easy to go from the city to the trail. If you’re looking for a well-rounded all-year jacket, check this one out.

Living in Minnesota, our reviewer was a bit skeptical this jacket’s warmth would hold up in the bitter cold of January and February. But to her delight, it didn’t let her down. She has been wearing this coat since January, and while it’s lightweight, it provides just enough warmth when she needs it. Of course, one of her favorite parts of the jacket is the reversibility — it’s like a BOGO! She says she’ll be wearing this jacket well into spring.

We were lucky enough to have Cotopaxi’s CEO, David Smith, on our podcast. Check out his episode to learn more about the brand!